UBT RnD Brooklyn Reminder

Just a reminder…

UBT Brainstorming and Beer in Brooklyn.
Sunday March 18 from 6 to 8pm,
156 Franklin Street 2F Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY 11222 (in my apartment and most likely in my living room) 

We will gather together some friends and begin to plan how to make a one night environment for media in the backyard of the Aurora Picture Show in Houston Texas this April. We will drink some beer and talk about possible components of a the UBT. We will talk about how the components could be built.

Screen? Screens? Seats? Walls? Bar? Popcorn? Sound? Sounds? Lights? Booth? Windows? Plants? Modular? Tents? Power? Stage? Fence? Barricades? Shack? Tower? What else? etc.

As the goal is to group build the UBT, we will then attempt to construct together the first model of the space. The model does not need to be anything that could be duplicated at the site. It will be more about thinking out loud with our hands. We hope this model building process will guide us to some possibilities for the final UBT. The UBT Brainstorming and Beer in Brooklyn will be streamed at


If you would like to participate in person send me an email. All are welcome  - I just want to make sure I have enough hot glue and beer. -  mriver at mteww.com 

Also…if you have a film, video, slide show, animated gif , or other moving image that you would like to screen at the UBT, please let me know. Short form ( 3 to 5 min) is best and if you have something about building or communities, that would be great.