ubt rnd
ubt rnd

Next Sunday, some people to come over to my home and we will work on what the UBT could be and how it could be built. We will talk. We might drink some beers. We will build a model with hot glue in my tiny living room while thinking of Texas.

In preparation for this get together, I’ve been collecting images and posting them in groups on this site. It might be helpful, at this point, to review them with you. This could help me think of what to say to everyone next Sunday. It will also distract me from the need to go visit all the artfairs in NYC this weekend which always makes me sad but for some reason I do anyways.  I think mandatory art fair viewing might be a law in NYC or something. 

Anyways. Some brief notes on UBT RnD

Backyard Theaters

If you look at this group of images, we find that 1. backyard theaters are somewhat  dark  (expect for those 2 guys in the bottom right) and 2. they takes place on grass (expect of the people in the pool and Brooklyn’s Rooftop Films) As the UBT will be held at night in the Aurora Picture Show’s quasi-suburban backyard, I think we can pull this off.

Tents and Tarps

An ex once told me “the beginning of civilization was the end of camping”. I think she was right but I still like nomadic materials and spaces. Screw civilization, I want to toss my home in a small bag and move it to a beach for the weekend. It’s paradise. Or at least it is paradise until the rain comes and the mosquitoes figure out where you are sleeping.  

Shacks and Barns

A shack or a barn is a definite a three little pig upgrade from a blue rain tarp tossed over some tent poles. Also, a good shack or barn is sexy. Don’t believe me? Go look http://freecabinporn.com/ for a hour. You’ll come back here all Homer Simpsoney “ …Mmmmmmm…Wainscoating…” (Disclaimer for mom. No, it’s just a blog with pictures of cute cabins and shacks. Really.)

Landmarks and Compounds

I placed a jar in Tennessee,
And round it was, upon a hill.

The opening lines of Wallace Stevens’s  Anecdote of the Jar

Stages and Studs

A tarp on a pole creates a site. Then a cabin becomes a object. Then a series of objects in relation to each other and the site forms a compound.  Then the realization, once or see unfinished back of a wall or turn around to notice the camera, you are on a set. I think this is what the UBT can be. A set for the display of other sets on a spring night in Texas.