more stills for UBT

Hearts on Fire

stills from

Elaine Tin Nyo’s Hambuger, 2012, Amelia Bauer’s Untitled, 2012, Janos Stone’s Hearts on Fire, 2011 and Annie Abrahams’s Une bise / A kiss, 2011(with Eliza Fantozzi)

big props to Marisa Avelar / AIGA Houston

big props to Marisa Avelar / AIGA Houston

UBT - Some Stills

Builder Above the Sea Fog

Rick Silva’s Builder Above the Sea Fog, 2012

Superhero Piano Recital

Mike Koller’s Superhero Piano Recital, 2007

A Forest In The City

Carol Saft’s A Forest In The City, 2012 

More soon on the film and video screening for the UBT… 

I did a quick test of 150 feet of red 1/2 LED rope light that I’m thinking of shipping to Texas for the UBT. It looks good in the projection room against the Tyvek. I think the trick will be to use it but hide the rope itself as it is kinda ugly. Yeah, I know that it is odd for me to call a material ugly when I love to use raw lumber, blue plastic tarps, cinder blocks and plywood in artworks. I do like the light rope light gives off. It soft and can create long lines of continues glow. We’ll just have to think of how to make it work. 

The entire 1st UBT Study Model as of this morning

The entire 1st UBT Study Model as of this morning

UBT 1st study model with added details (see below) and projections. More images at the UBT Flicker Set 

Added some cloths line / aircraft cable runs, some hanging sheets of tyvek / screens, a UBT Hollywood sign, the projection both and some blue tarps. More images at the UBT Flickr Set 

a quick projection booth study

I was reviewing the the UBT 1st model yesterday with the thought of how can this be translated into a real space with only a few days to build. What will change? What worked? What did not? How much material will it need. How much should I plan out before the 2nd Think Tank in Texas? 

Then, at some point I decided to add a quick projection booth/ small room just to make a accurate guess at materials. 

UBT 2nd Study Model
UBT 2nd Study Model
UBT 2nd Study Model

That comes to around 6  2x4x10s, 18 2x4x8, 4 sheets of 4x8 plywood, and a roll of tyvek. 

UBT Think Tank Brooklyn - a 1:1 Scale Report

UBT - First Study Model (1 Hour)

Spring came to Brooklyn this weekend and on a warm Sunday evening, a few friends came over to my apartment in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Together we made the first model of the UBT.  I would show you the Ustream video of the event but, of course , it did not archive. No mater. As far as films go, it was not exactly Ben-Hur. It was more like watch a quilting bee. We began by talking about what the UBT is or could be for an hour.  Next we spent an hour hot glueing Balsa wood together without. The goal was not to build a perfect model but only to think with our hand.   As we built, we chatted about Bamboo, art and tacos in Texas. At 8pm we stopped and looked at what we had built. 

So.. what did we learn ? 

To start, here are a few notes on what we planed on the first warm spring day of 2012 as the sun set in Brooklyn.  Over the next week, I’ll try to flush the details out a bit.

UBT 1st study model (1 hour)

The UBT is made of 2x4s, 2x10s, some 1/2” AC plywood,  some screws, Tyvek,  T-11 ” No Grove ” plywood, air craft cable,  staples, some paint, some salvaged wood, possibly some Bamboo, some projectors and speakers, a bunch of extension cords, rope light,  some films and videos, and some sweat.

UBT 1st Study Model (1 hour) 

The UBT starts in the backyard with a small entrance screen past the main APS house,

UBT 1st study model (1 hour)

and then bar/ popcorn station

UBT 1st Study Model (1 Hour)

and then a structure with ambient film loops with random seating 

UBT - First Study Model (1 Hour)

that opens up to a larger space with a big screen and lawn seating for the main program 

UBT 1st Study Model (1 Hour)

and then a 60 min selection of films and videos on building and communities.

UBT - First Study Model (1 Hour)

That’s it for now. We’ll have more details for you tomorrow.

UBT - First Study Model (1 Hour)

Thanks to Mike, Kate, Carol, Elaine, Tim, Shannon and Elizabeth from Texas for the Wickiup link

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UBT RnD Brooklyn Reminder

Just a reminder…

UBT Brainstorming and Beer in Brooklyn.
Sunday March 18 from 6 to 8pm,
156 Franklin Street 2F Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY 11222 (in my apartment and most likely in my living room) 

We will gather together some friends and begin to plan how to make a one night environment for media in the backyard of the Aurora Picture Show in Houston Texas this April. We will drink some beer and talk about possible components of a the UBT. We will talk about how the components could be built.

Screen? Screens? Seats? Walls? Bar? Popcorn? Sound? Sounds? Lights? Booth? Windows? Plants? Modular? Tents? Power? Stage? Fence? Barricades? Shack? Tower? What else? etc.

As the goal is to group build the UBT, we will then attempt to construct together the first model of the space. The model does not need to be anything that could be duplicated at the site. It will be more about thinking out loud with our hands. We hope this model building process will guide us to some possibilities for the final UBT. The UBT Brainstorming and Beer in Brooklyn will be streamed at

If you would like to participate in person send me an email. All are welcome  - I just want to make sure I have enough hot glue and beer. -  mriver at 

Also…if you have a film, video, slide show, animated gif , or other moving image that you would like to screen at the UBT, please let me know. Short form ( 3 to 5 min) is best and if you have something about building or communities, that would be great.